Friday, September 21, 2012

What Kind of Learner Am I?

  In takingn the two tests which gave me results based on how I liked to learn as an individual, I learned a lot about myself. The Gardener Multiple Intelligences Test told me more about me than I already knew. It told me that I like to learn by reasoning and that I like to work with math, numbers, and science the most out of everything. it also told me that I like to learn through somatic sensations, such as: running, jumping, building, working with manipulatives, etc. I love working with numbers and manipulatives, so this test was extremely accurate in telling me how I like to learn. The next test that I took was the Gregorc Learning/Teaching Styles Test.
  This test (in my opinion) was more accurate than Gardener's test was.  This test gave me results of the adjectives that describe what type of learner I am. This test said I was a Concrete Sequential learner which means that I enjoy charts, summaries, computers, labs, short lectures, practical reading, etc. Also it gave e a list of adjectives to describe what kind of learner I am. This list includes: ordered, structured, practical, accurate, directions, organized, hands-on, detailed, and exact. This test alswas correct in saying how much I like math and how I like outlines, computers and labs. Taking the tests was fun and quick, and gave off results that will describe me for the rest of my life.

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  1. Tom,
    I also found out from the tests that I like to work with math, numbers, and science. And from the other test I too found out that i am a concrete Sequential learner. Which just proved that i love to work with computers, calculators, math, etc.