Friday, February 20, 2015

Roger Ebert

I have never heard of Roger Ebert before, but even though he's gone now, his contribution to society will forever live on. His philosophy on life is something I never would have given thought to, mainly because I don't like to over-analyze things. Being happy I something I don't really "experience" because I don't have any reason to be upset in the first place, and I think this is why people really sink or swim in situations where a tragedy is "close to home". But anyway, Roger Ebert is truly a treasure that I certainly know I wouldn't have come across with out this class.

His blog, "All the lonely people", really spoke out to me, even though I'm not alone. His writing style is almost like he's having a conversation with you, right trough the computer screen, and it's captivating, knowing someone could comfort you in whatever situation you're in just in their writing. I especially liked the video he posted at the bottom of his post, titled ,"How to be Alone". That too really spoke out to me in a way I couldn't describe to you. In all, Roger Ebert is a true gem, and his legacy will go on forever.