Thursday, October 16, 2014

Passion Project Update #2

Alrighty. So far, our video is coming along very smoothly. We have the basic idea of what we want to do, and we really want to improv the rest as we go. We've arranged when we will shoot the video, and how long it will, be, but I don't wanna give any hints at our plot yet, surprises are always fun. coming up with a plot was a bit of a challenge, but it was extremely necessary, as this is the crux of our progress this week. We've also arranged the attire of our characters in the "movie", and I use the term loosely as we don't know if it is going to be considered a long video or a short movie. But as of our progress this week, I say we, as a group have accomplished quite a bit.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Can We Save The Earth By Being Nice?

I recently watched Jeremy Rifkens's Empathic Civilization, and in this video, he states that if we don't come together as one whole; one society, "won't make it". Now, as a realist, this is totally and utterly ideal and Utopian, even though its nice to imagine. If we could extend our empathic sociability, I think we could do it by finding a common enemy among all of us, for example global warming, and taking our hatred in this enemy, and make it bring us all closer together. Our most pressing issue right now is Isis, it's not really arguable, literally everyone's talking about it. This issue actually has a common foreground with just about anyone, and you could go up to a complete stranger and have a full-length conversation with them about it and not know a thing about that person. Can we extend empathy to the entire human race? Let me pose a more realistic question, could we extend our empathy to the entire continent? It is totally and utterly impossible to imagine empathizing with the entire human race, and reading to myself sounds almost Utopian. Rifken mentions in his video that that "If we can't imagine doing this, it may already be too late." Well, we have never empathized with one another as a whole, not once, not ever, in the thousands of years we have existed as human beings, so I would assume that this time period would be any different, and wouldn't cause us to annihilate each other. There will always be some form of disagreement, and therefore, global empathy is merely an ideal concept.