Sunday, October 27, 2013


Outliers. They're everywhere you look. Seriously. Maybe you don't know it yet. But you can be an outlier yourself. It's amazing. But one outlier that stands out in my mind, is Ke$ha. Now, before the tomatoes come flying at me, let me explain myself. Well first off, she has an IQ of over 140, which is borderline genius. When I read this I almost fell out of my chair, considering what kind of reputation Ke$ha has in Hollywood: #hoe. But seriously, that's a very high IQ, and to put it in perspective, Albert Einstein's IQ was estimated to be hanging out in the 160 range. Up next, she scored a 1500 on her SAT in high school, which is a hair short of perfect, considering that back then, a perfect score was 1600. Incredible. I honestly thought that all of this media buzz about Ke$ha being smart was just some tabloid bull crap, but as I read further into it, my jaw hit the floor. And last, but certainly not least, her mother was a famous singer like herself. Pebe Sebert. Whether you realize it or not, this factor was a HUGE advantage for Ke$ha growing up, because whenever her mother brought her to the recording studio, her mother always encouraged her to sing, and after she found out she could actually sing, it took off from there. Like I said, Ke$ha isn't one to have a reputation for being a genius, but at only proves my statement. Outliers are everywhere you look, they may not have equal opportunity, like Chris Langan, who is said to have an IQ of 210, but works as a bouncer at a bar. You never know just how successful ou can be until you apply yourself, and maybe then, you will realize that you were an outlier.