Monday, March 18, 2013

Wasteland Documentary

The most memorable part of the whole movie was when Vik revealed the final product of the project with all of the garbage included, and watching their reaction of seeing the beautiful artwork that they were portrayed in. Also, how much they benefited from Vik's work was also another memorable part of the movie. I learnd just how lucky I am in life and how well off I am in society and how well of an education I have. I will take away with me that I really should appreciate the smaller things in life, because once their gone, their gone. To have your boring, monotonous job turned into something that means so much more than your job must be one of the greatest things to see, especially when your job is as terrible as the jobs at the Jardim Gramacho Landfill. If i were the subject of Vik's artwork, I would feel on top of the world because that artwork would make me famous and it would sort of attract me more to the world of art. I think that there are aspects of my life that would lend themselves to this type of art.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Heres my picture for delicate, I would have put more, but pretty much everything is bulletproof in my house haha....(sniffle) you go.....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Random News Story


Faye Mesich is the local, "champion of the hills", as some of the residents call her. She is the only skiier inher town and the only one to ever attempt the steepest and largest hill in their neighborhood, she failed terribly. She went approximately 5 feet before she tumbled down the rest of the enormus hill, named the Goliath, due to its massive size and steepness of 89.9 degrees and 500ft tall. It took her an hour to reach the bottom, and when she did, she brought an avalanche  of not only snow, but an avalanche of cheers from her ffiends that decided to wait at the bottom and not cheer her on. She went home that day with only a small bruise, and a shattered spirit, but hopefully she continues to do what she does best, and tumble down Goliath once more.