Friday, October 12, 2012


    The purpose of grading is to assess you of your knowledge on the subject they are testing you on. My opinion on the grading system, both letter grades and number grades based out of the 100 point scale, is that we should change it to advanced proficient, proficient, and below proficient, only because, it won't lower children's self esteem if they do poorly on a test, they won't think less of themselves and do poorly on other school work. I do not think that the grading system accurately represents our learning and knowledge because numbers and letters, shouldn't ,and don't, determine your intellegence. We should use a mix of the current grading system, and the standards based grading system because they are both useful, and we should incorperate them both into grading today. Grading can determine our future, so we might as well make the grading system used today fair.

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