Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Joyas Voladoras

Thats a funny name up there isnt it? /|\ I think it is. Anyway, This essay had so much meaning to it in ways that were so subtle, if you didnt pay attention, you wouldnt have noticed the subliminal messages hidden inside the words of this essay. The meaning I took away from it was that it doesnt matter how big your heart is, or how much you try to barricade it from the rest of the world. If something strikes you the right way, it could either war your heart like, "the sweet apple berath of a child" or it could break your hert like , "a cat with a broken spine dragging itself into the forest to die." This essay made me rethink life, not neccesarily in a positive way, but not in a bad way, I just kind of thought about life a little more with each paragraph of this essay. My favorite line was, "each heart made silent, a brilliant music stilled." It was so inspiring to me and held so much meaning that I actually went home and thought about it, which I never normally do with anything that deep and meaningful. This essay had realy made me rethink what I have done with my life so far and what is in the future. And I realized that my life will be full of love and loss, and through it all, I will have to keep on moving.

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  1. Tom, I really liked your response about how certain situations in life can break down our personal walls inside our hearts. Our hearts can either be very vulnerable or very stubborn. Everyone's heart is different, which is what I think the author was trying to communicate with his comparison of a hummingbird and a tortoise.